The Royal Netherlands Army has been raised on 9 January 1814-however, its origins date back to 1572; therefore, the Netherlands has one of the oldest standing armies in the world, dating back to the 16th century.

Proud to state that we are their official supplier of LED lighting towers, indeed Royal Netherlands Army has purchased the new sustainable Trime X-Box 4x240W high efficency LED lighting towers.

The new model seen the inclusion of Special & powerfull LED lamps, which offer a number of benefits, including no bulbs, lamp glass, ballasts or capacitors, all of which often need replacing on-site.
The X-Box stationary lighting boasts a hydraulic hot deepth galvanized telescopic vertical mast and a Z482 - 2cyl - 1500 rpm Kubota water cooled diesel engine. The above, as well as, a new frontal panel builded up following their specific technical details, a AGM start battery, a bender dedicated isolation control unit and 4 additional & reinforced side lifiting hooks are only some of special features that makes this lighting tower simply and really unique in the market.


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