Automatic filtration
The X-Boot with automatic filtration can recycle 100% of water whilst you clean your footwear. This Boot Wash is able to recycle the water used, to reuse the water as many times as possible, and collect the mud and contaminates for easy disposal. With 7 washing stations, the X-Boot is ideal for working construction sites.


Automatic filtration
Internal pump
Filtration system

Boot Wash X-Boot

In muddy environments there is the need to keep areas clean, such as offices, control rooms, and after work to clean the shoes.

The only option available on the market was a disposable water system, this throws away thousands of litres of water, contaminated water.

W-TECHNO introduces the X-Boot

Recycling 100% of water, reusing the water again and again

Saving 20,000L per week

You are saving so much more water; you can clean your boots, and you can reduce contamination on site.

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