• Lighting Tower Specialist
Production areasq.m 24,000

Production area
sq.m 24,000


over 100

PRODUCTION  entirely in Italy

entirely in Italy


over 20

Trime S.r.l. is the company specialist in lighting towers. Design and production are completely done in the Italian factory which covers an area of 24000 sqm. It is a vertical integrated company including design, metalwork, powder coating, mechanical and electrical assembly and final testing, everything done internally.

The engineering team developed a wide range of innovative, compact and versatile products by applying the latest technologies in the field of energy saving, reduction of exhaust gas and CO2 emissions. Among engine powered lighting towers, the team has developed some low-impact products. The New Solar lighting tower is a good example of this energy efficiency, an innovative one which has no CO2 emission and as a consequence a reduced environmental impact. Lighting towers are developed and used in all markets, all environmental conditions and many different applications like rental, construction sites, road works, special events, oil & gas, mining operations, civil protection and military use.

In few years, the company doubled its size and the quality of our products brought us to manage a strategic network of sales and service all over the world. Our different sites are in costant communication with each other in order to find the new trends spreading around and to search new technologies to better satisfy the requests, with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact. Nowadays we are expanding even more...


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