Technology and innovation

We at TRIME, have been consolidating our mission day by day, and creating our vision into a reality: with our experience in the industry, and our focus on the future. What we have produced is the result of years of research, development and the will to remain at the top of the market.

Trime Group has one purpose: to create the most researched, innovative and sustainable products with excellent quality raw materials, the best technology, and to remain faithful to our origins. Thanks to our history, our values have created and personified the people working within Trime Group. We are not just composed by firms, but by people who want to build a strong future with craftsmanship in the spirit and soul of everything they want to do.

TRIME is a forward-thinking group: productivity is aimed at the technological progress and innovation surrounds us. We can assure the customer that they will always get the best: with the use of latest generation and innovative machineries, the impeccable quality of raw materials, the continuous research and ideas to improve our products and the reliability of highlyqualified staff.

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