X-Eco Hybrid Lithium
The LED Battery Site Lights

The Trime X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM 4x100W is a low-emission and reduced noise lighting tower fitted with four LED lights. Power to the energy-saving LED lamps is derived from the X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM 4x100W’s advanced lithium battery. The X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM 4x100W tower light operates with very low emissions and reduced noise. For energy-saving site lighting, a contractor, site manager, or outside event organiser needs to look no further than the X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM 4x100W. The Trime X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM 4x100W is another component in the Trime T-ZERO PRO range of low and zero-emission machinery.


  • 4x100W High Efficiency LED heads
  • Silent operation of 17 hrs and 30 minutes and an overall running before first refill of over 625 hrs
  • On/Off switches - one for each lamp
  • Multi-directionally adjustable and tiltable by hands floodlights
  • 7 galvanized sections - Hydraulic lifting system - Max height 8,5 meters
  • Yanmar 2TNV 70 model diesel engine
  • 3,5 kVA alternator
  • Fully bunded
  • 1 x Lithium battery
  • Battery charger
  • Logic panel & Light sensor as std feature
  • Electrical protection from overload and circuit breaker
  • Simple, rugged machine design and layout
  • Galvanized metalwork after 80 μm industrial powder coated
  • Compact dimensions
  • Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation
  • Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
  • 4 side stabilizers - Central lifting eye - base c/w 4sides forklift pockets
  • Road tow trailer ECC homologated

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