X-Solar pro-M
solar lighting tower

The Trime X-SOLAR pro-M lighting tower is an emission-free tower light that operates solely from solar and battery power, with energy-saving LED lamps. For contractors from the construction, outside events and rental markets seeking carbon-neutral site lighting, then the X-SOLAR pro-M is the ideal lighting solution. The Trime X-SOLAR pro-M is another component in the Trime T-ZERO PRO range of low and zero-emission machinery.


  • 6 sections telescopic galvanized vertical tower
  • 7.5 m maximum height
  • Manual mast raising system
  • No.4 LED Lights 65W each High Efficiency Made in Europe
  • Illuminated area 2400 sqm
  • IP 65
  • Lights life span minimum 50.000 hours
  • Mechanical Rotation 340°
  • Galvanized metalworks and after industrial 80 μm powder coating finishing
  • 4 sides lockable and adjustable in height stabilizers
  • On board levels for guidance during stabilization
  • Stop emergency button
  • No.2 Solar Panel 305W each
  • MPPT Solar charger control
  • 24Vdc - 260Ah Battery pack (2pcs batteries in total)
  • Battery charger built-in
  • Inlet plug to charge the batteries from mains/external generator
  • Dedicated Frontal panel
  • Battery charger monitor
  • External power source signal lamp
  • Lamps hour meter
  • Manual Mode / Auto selector
  • Light sensor relay
  • Lamp switches
  • Option
    Diesel backup generator that automatically will kick in once battery voltage will drop below a certain value. Easy to retrofit also later on with fast connection plug and play connectors. It will come in a separate box.

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