Our solar-hybrid generators and battery packs at EHS2022!

Thanks to MHM who is our Official Strategic Partner in the whole UK Market!

The demand for green technology is increasingly higher and TRIME GROUP has been working for years on a line, unique in the world, completely ECO-SUSTAINABLE!

TEKNO PROGET is the only global manufacturer that offers such a wide range of environmentally focused power generation machines. With power generated by TEKNO PROGET low-emission battery/hybrid and solar/hybrid combinations, a site can markedly lower its carbon footprint.

Tekno Proget, with its T-ZERO line of hybrid solar generators, offers to rental companies a new way to approach the generator’s market: no more the same identical machines for all applications, but the ideal machine for the right work.

Each sector has different requests: more power for construction sites, more running time for the long term works, more silence for events; this is the T-ZERO challenge: giving the opportunity to rental business to choose the right machine, based on the real needs, without waste of power and with a lot of cost saving.

The construction world is changing! Are you ready? We are.

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